Multi Hitch Block

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Multi Hitch Block
Hitch Block Multi Hitch Block
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One of the most versatile Recovery Hitches available. It can be turned in either direction to align the shackle in the direction of the tow rope or winch line which avoids shackle binding. Comes complete with 3/4" shackle and hitch pin. Both hitch and shackle have a high quality gloss black powder coating.

It can be used as an emergency trailer hitch if you carry a tow ball. Because you can turn it you have a flat surface to secure the trailer ball.

The hitch block is one of the items you should always have within easy reach when you dismount from your vehicle to help someone who is stuck. Most of the time, we can use a strap or a K-rope (Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope) for recovery. It is quick, simple and fast. No one wants to wait 5 minutes or 10 minutes for you to find your recovery gear. If you have a small bag with two 3/4 inch Bow shackles, a Hitch block (sometimes called a shackle block), and two hitch pins, you will be able to connect the stuck vehicle to the recovery vehicle no matter what combination of attachment points they have.

If one of the vehicles has a bow shackle already attached but tighten down so it will not vibrate off, just throw your shackle on it. Don't waste time to find a tool to loosen theirs.

Check out our newsletter from April 2015 on this subject: Keep Recovery Gear Accessible

  • MBS 45,000 Lbs
  • CNC machined
  • Black Heavy Duty Powder Coating
  • One 3/4" Shackle Black Powder Coated to match
  • One zinc plated hitch pin
  • Multi Directional
  • Recovery Hitch or Tow Hitch = Multi Hitch

Note: Hitches are always limited to shear strength of pin which is 10,000 Lb.

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Multi Hitch Block
Hitch Block Multi Hitch Block

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