Winching And Recovery Techniques DVD

Press Release - Basic To Advanced Winching and Recovery DVD
Operation of a winch and off-road activities are inherently dangerous and unsafe. Besides being risky and dangerous operations, they have the potential to be lethal. Hence a winch deserves a great deal of respect.

This DVD will give you the information you need to safely use your winch.
The DVD covers the basics of types of winches, winch components, winch kits, and operation and safety. It details the rigging for some straight forward recovery operations using single line and double line pulls. The importance of pulleys is covered and fully explained so you know when you have the advantage of the increased strength of a pulley and when you are only using it for an angle change. Complex riggings are demonstrated such as a reverse pull, a two way pull using only one winch mounted on the vehicle and a compound pull. Use of the pull Pal as an anchor point is featured. Stuck and load assessments are reviewed. The bonus section contains diagrams of typical winch riggings.
Winch DVD
81 minutes
Region 1

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