Easter Safari First-Timers Service - Moab, UT

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Easter Safari First-Timers Service Moab, UT

REDONDO BEACH, CA – Prepare to experience the thrill and beauty of the best 4-wheeling at the Moab Easter Safari under the guidance of off-road professional Tom Severin.

Tom Severin, President of Badlands Off-Road Adventures, announced that Badlands Off-Road Adventures will provide a service to assist first-timer 4-Wheel Drive owners attend the Easter Safari.

Participants will prepare for and drive some of the famous Moab trails such as Fins & Things, Hells Revenge, or Metal Masher.

Badlands Off-Road will assist First-Timers with details on expectation, preparation, driver’s skill training, vehicle inspection, equipment review, accommodations, and logistic. To ensure the most successful experience possible, Badlands Off-Road will accompany clients to the Moab event and assist in every way to promote safety and fun on the trails and to experience the utmost enjoyment of all the entertainment activities.

Tom said “My focus is to serve a group of like-minded off-roaders attending Easter Safari for their first time. Advance preparation ensures properly skilled drivers, trail-ready vehicles and smooth travel arrangements.”

“We are announcing this service now so interested clients take the year to plan and train for this premier, must-attend event. Moab has an elite group of 4WD trails where every 4-wheeler must “get there ticket punched”. We encourage anyone who is interested to call or email so we can tailor our service to the Group. This event draws thousands of vehicles. Our group size is limited so we encourage First-Timers to indicate their interest early”

Badlands Off-Road Adventures is accepting inquires now for this premier trip.

Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc
Badlands Off-Road Adventures conducts tours and training classes for off-highway enthusiast of all skill levels. Their website is www.4x4training.com. Tom Severin has 40 plus years of off-highway driving, including patrolling as a former Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer and former Sheriff’s Deputy. Severin is certified trainer 4 wheel drive instructor. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc.
Easter Safari is sponsored by The Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc. and the Moab Area Chamber of Commerce. The event runs for 9 days starting the weekend before Easter and ending on Easter Sunday. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers can be contacted at P.O. Box 832, Moab UT. 84532

Contact: Tom Severin
Badlands Off-Road Adventures
Phone: 310-613-5473
E-Mail: tom@4x4training.com

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