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Badlands Off-Road Adventures provides training clinics in which inexperienced SUV & 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) owners gain expertise required to safely and confidently negotiate their vehicle off-road.

We provide a comprehensive series of training clinics for recreationalist.

• We offer a number of exciting off-road adventures.

• We offer private one on one training sessions can be arranged.

We provide Military and Government 4-Wheel Drive training.
Contract Number GS-07F-225AA ; CAGE 4U0P2

• We may be able to help you recover a stuck or damaged vehicle. Call and give us the details.

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Our Southern California location allows us to operate our training school year round. Many of our clinics are conveniently located 50 miles north of Los Angeles with easy access from LAX airport and the Bakersfield airport (BFL). (The Clinic is about 50 miles south of Bakersfield, CA)

• You can fly into LAX, rent a car, and drive north into the mountains of the scenic Los Padres National Forest area. Then check into one of the nearby hotels.

• We will meet you in the morning at the classroom with a 4WD vehicle for two days of instruction and fun!

• Bakersfield airport (BFL) lets you avoid the congestion of LAX with flights from San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, and Vegas. With the drive to the classroom only 45 to 50 minutes, you could even book a hotel in Bakersfield and drive to the clinic in the morning.

• Of course, we encourage you to bring your own 4-wheel drive vehicle if it is practical. Nothing better than starting with the vehicle you are going to drive.

We have access to thousands of square miles of desert within 80 to 90 miles of Los Angeles. A variety of off-road trips can be arranged ranging from 1 to 6 or more days, camping or hotel based, involving specialized missions, incorporating training, or an exciting expeditions.

Our Getting Started Driving Off-Road Clinic is the idea place to start if you have your first 4WD vehicle, are just getting into Overlanding or recently purchased a 4-wheel Drive vehicle to pull behind you RV.

Is damaging an expensive vehicle or the risks of off-highway driving keeping you from using your 4-wheel drive vehicle? Then review the 4×4 off-road training schedule and register for a 4×4 class to learn the right way. You will save more than the cost of the clinic by learning how to avoid vehicle damage and towing charges. You will also save money by buying the right equipment the first time! But more importantly you will learn how to drive safely to protect yourself and your passengers.

If you have a group that requires 4×4 off-road training, contact us. Flexible hours and locations for 4×4 off-road training can be arranged.

The classes listed are designed for the recreational 4WD driver. A unique, focused 4-wheel Drive clinic is available for groups who use four wheel drive at work. Specific themes can be worked into the 4×4 off-road training for corporate users (e.g. safety, team work, etc.). The off-road training location is flexible and can be arranged on your site.

6 Reasons Why Your Spouse Should Learn to Drive Off Road

1. Your spouse can be a back-up driver:

If something happens to you, your spouse could drive out. Chances are, the training course will teach your spouse how to overcome most of the challenges your spouse will face on trails. Even if you’re out cold, your spouse should be able to drive you out or at least get you to an extraction point.

2. Building confidence:

Learning to drive off-road entails mastering new skills. It involves unusual terrain, special driving techniques, and different equipment, like standard transmissions. Experiencing all these while under the watchful guidance of a trained instructor builds confidence.

3. Better all-around driver:

Off-road skills are put to use in the city during bad weather, such as a snowstorm or heavy rain. In the aftermath of an earthquake or tornado, there could be sinkholes or debris in the roadway. Drivers need to negotiate around those obstacles. That’s standard procedure in four wheeling. Someone who has taken a 4WD course is better able to handle these difficult and stressful situations.

4. Additional spotter:

The best spotters are also good drivers. Having gone through a 4WD course, your spouse will be able to read the trail as well as you, providing you a valuable second set of eyes.
One catch: If your spouse starts to enjoy off-road driving, you may end up the spotter. But that’s OK, right? On the other hand, your spouse may still just want to sit and enjoy the ride. Encourage your spouse to get behind the wheel on occasion to keep your spouse’s skills sharp.

Wait – one more catch: You may end up buying another 4 wheel drive vehicle just for your spouse!

5. An extra driver to spell you:

Driving off-road, as you know, is very demanding. Fatigue can set in after just a few hours. It’s a comforting to know that a skilled driver can take over if needed.

6. Companionship on the trails:

Buddies are great, but you can’t beat having your spouse along. You experience the adventure together, share great memories, and really bond while outdoors.

What Our Students Say

“The Badlands Off Road Adventures Driving Clinic is a must have for anyone who wants to learn or improve their off road driving skills. The lecture component of the clinic is comprehensive, very informative, straight to the point and fun to learn. The instructor, Tom Severin, gives a well articulated, no nonsense presentation on well organized material which can definitely make the difference between having a safe and pleasant off-road adventure, or not. Tom’s answers to questions are intelligent, well informed, confident, and friendly.

The driving component of the clinic was fun, fun, fun. The obstacles were challenging with ever increasing degrees of difficulty. Tom explains how to address the challenge, personalized instructions gives the student the confidence and skill to conquer the obstacle. After practicing basic off-road driving techniques, Tom lead us on a “follow the leader” tour where we got to apply all the skills that we learned and gained very valuable experience.

I traveled 295 miles and rented a hotel room for two nights to take this driving clinic, it was worth the time, the money and the distance. I highly recommend Badlands Off Road Adventures to people that are new or already have experience in the off-road driving sport; I for one, look forward to take additional classes.”

– Ed Hess Software Engineer

“Hi Tom, I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed the two day training class last weekend. It was interesting, fun, challenging, scary, exhilarating and rewarding. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend! I was really surprised at how challenging the second day was, but as we went through the canyons and washes, I could really see how important the training exercises were that you had us go though. They all seemed rather simple when we were doing them, but time after time on the trail, it was clear that this section is just like this exercise and that section is just like that exercise. It really helped give me confidence that I would be able to make it through all of the obstacles on the trail. GREAT CLASS! I will be recommending it to all of my friends interested in 4 wheeling! I am certain that the money I spent on my “driver upgrade” was way more beneficial in improving my 4 wheeling than any hardware upgrade I could have done.
Take Care and Stay Safe, ”

– Dale Roche

By Michelle Sheppard

Goler Gulch

“We had a great weekend offroading through Goler Gulch and Last Chance Canyon a few weeks ago. The trails were moderate to difficult.(some quite difficult due to the big rocks in the canyon) I felt so confident and relaxed while I was driving thanks to my 2 day offroad training with you. I knew exactly how to handle every obstacle we encountered with skill. Everything I learned in your class came in handy on the two days of offroading. I also had a lot of fun since I felt so confident. I know I would not have driven these trails had I not taken the classes. I probably would have been too intimidated. Thanks for your great offroading school. ”

– Charlie Yoon

Upcoming Events

March 2020
March 20, 2020 Death Valley Adventure
March 21, 2020 Getting Started Off-Road – San Diego area
March 22, 2020 Day 2 Getting Started Off-Road – San Diego area

March 28, 2020 Self-Recovery Clinic
March 29, 2020 Winching Clinic

April 2020
April 01, 2020 San Rafael Club Run
April 05, 2020 Easter Safari
April 18, 2020 Getting Started Off-Road – LA area
April 19, 2020 Day 2 Getting Started Off-Road – LA area
April 25, 2020 Getting Started Off-Road – San Diego area
April 26, 2020 Day 2 Getting Started Off-Road – San Diego area

May 2020
May 02, 2020 Getting Started Off-Road – LA area
May 03, 2020 Day 2 Getting Started Off-Road – LA area
May 09, 2020 Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic
May 16, 2020 Winching Clinic
May 23, 2020 Memorial Day Club Run

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