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Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with a clinic and do not feel you received good value for your money and time, send us an email explaining why and the full price of the clinic will be refunded, no further questions asked. You may keep all handouts as our apology. If an Adventure did not measure up to your expectations, we will allow you to repeat the adventure again at a later date or refund the full price at your discretion. Our refund policy is based upon 1) our belief that we will exceed your expectations in all significant ways and 2) if we don’t, we will fix the class / Adventure so no one else is disappointed. We believe most guests understand weather and other acts are outside our control and dealing with the unexpected difficulties add to the sense of adventure and learning.

Cancellation Policy
A full refund will be issued if you cancel more than 14 days before the start of an event.
If you cancel within 2 days of the event: – the balance is transferable to another event within 12 months of the cancellation date.
If you do not show up and did not cancel, you better have a darn good reason to convince us to transfer the balance to another event.
If we must cancel an event, a full refund will be issued.

Alcohol Policy
Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can seriously impair an individual’s judgement and reactions leading to an increased risk of accidents and injury. We require that all drivers are sober when driving. Drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs before or during the driving clinics or during the driving portion of an off-road event is not allowed by the driver and any of the passengers. Since, we will be driving after lunch, alcoholic beverages are not allowed at lunch. On our adventure trips, we have no objections, to drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation in camp after all driving is completed for the day. If a night run is planned, then there is no drinking of alcohol until after the vehicles return to camp and are parked for the rest of the evening.
We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding these substances and their use until we reach camp each day. 
We require that all beverages (whether alcoholic or not) be in metal or plastic containers. Glass containers are not allowed in much of our travel area.

Medical Self-Assessment
There is inherent risk associated with all the activities involved with off-road driving including the risk of illness in remote areas without medical facilities. Badlands Off-Road Adventures does not conduct a medical screening, examination or review of the health and fitness of clients & customers to participate in our training programs and adventures trips. It is incumbent on each person to assess their medical capability to participate. By enrolling in our events, you are certifying you are medically fully capable of participating in the activity.

Our pricing philosophy is to let our customer’s control, as much as possible, the combination of clinics and attendees within the constraints of group clinic pricing. For this reason we provide several one day sessions that you can select, combine into a multi day clinic or take individually at a later time.

The Getting Started Off-Road Driving clinic and the Day 2 – Getting Started Off-Raod Driving are priced and scheduled separately, so you do not need to commit to a second day. With the Day 2 – Getting Started Off-Road Driving scheduled separately, you can take it the day following the Getting Started Clinic (if offered on the schedule) or in a subsequent month when you have time.

Many of the clinics offered by Badlands Off-Road Adventures for recreational drivers, including the Day 2- Getting Started Off-Road Driving clinic, are entirely behind-the-wheel with field instruction. To gain the most benefit, each student should be the primary driver. However, everyone (even passengers) still learns something, so consider signing up your spouse. This is a sport that many couples enjoy together.

We charge per person including passengers since we feel everyone attending, riding, watching, etc. learns a great deal.

Badlands Off-Road Adventures does not charge for children who are not licensed drivers. Children are welcome to attend and ride along. Older children (6 years and older) will have a blast. You are responsible to ensure they stay out of the path of other vehicles. The classroom portion may be too longs for smaller children.

Pets are welcome on off-road adventures trips. It is your responsibility that they do not disturb other campers or create a situation with other dogs. When we are in National and State Parks they are required to be on a leash per Park policy and are only allowed in developed areas of the Park. Small pet may be at risk from coyotes.




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