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"When we go wheeling with friends, they often ask me to be the spotter, so I actually thought I knew what I was doing. Then I attended Tom's clinic and I was amazed how much better my skills were by the end of day. You learn how to break down spotting situations and anticipate problems before it's too late. He teaches you how to effectively communicate with drivers to guide a vehicle over and around obstacles. The confidence I gained to guide my friends' vehicles makes this class a great value."
Pat W.

Spotting on Challenging Rocks Are you a 4-Wheel Drive enthusiast who wants to learn skills necessary to take on more difficult trails?

Are you a Trail Leader or a 4WD Adventure Guide who needs to improve your spotting skills?

Perhaps you need to reduce conflict between spouses or good friends.

A good spotter can safely navigate a vehicle through a set of hazards and obstacles that otherwise would be impossible and dangerous. A good spotter can save a great deal of vehicle damage.
The Spotting Clinic provides practical experience and instruction. You will learn spotting etiquette, hand signals and when to spot. You will learn what to watch and how to communicate with the driver. You will learn your role and responsibility. The clinic allows time to practice and fine tune your spotting skills. Just getting started
Not even close You will need at least a stock 4WD vehicle with a 2-speed transfer case for the clinic. It is a good idea to bring the vehicle you normally use. You will have a better idea of how it behaves and what unique issues you need to pay attention too when spotting.

Bring your wheeling buddy (or spouse) too, so you both can improve your spotting skills.

Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area is located in the Tejon Pass about 50 miles north of Los Angeles, CA just west of the Interstate 5 corridor. For more information check out their web site Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied and do not feel you received good value for your money and time, send us an email explaining why and the full price of the class will be refunded, no questions asked.
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