International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Assocation
Int'l 4WD Trainers Assoc.
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Certified 4WD Trainer with UFWDA
United Four Wheel Drive Associations - Protecting, Promoting, and Providing 4x4 opportunities worldwide
Beginning in 1993, UFWDA developed curriculum for four wheel drive education clinics, including driver training skills. Today, the UFWDA "4WD Awareness Program" has matured into a relevant and competitively designed driver training program for all skill levels of off highway driving enthusiasts.

Through the UFWDA 4WD Awareness program, UFWDA has trained and introduced thousands of four wheelers, novice and experienced alike, on the components of their 4×4 vehicle, proper off-highway driving techniques, proper vehicle recovery, courtesies related to four wheeling, and environmental awareness utilizing the Tread Lightly! philosophy.

Badlands Off Road Adventures training courses meet all requirements of the UFWDA 4WD Awareness Course. Students graduating from Badlands' 4x4 training will also receive their UFWDA 4WD Awareness Program Completion Certificate, UFWDA 4WD Awareness Program sticker, and a complimentary One Year Membership in the UFWDA (includes UFWDA logo decals and subscriptions to monthly eNews bulletins and their quarterly "Voice" online magazine).

California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc
CA State Parks - Off-Highway Motor Vehicles Recreation Division

Blue Ribbon Coalition
Blue Ribbon Coalition

Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly

Leave No Trace

Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road Radio Petersen's 4Wheel & Off Road Radio

The 4x4 Podcast The 4x4 Podcast explore your world

S&S Off-Road Magazine Published monthly, this is an excellent source for up coming off-road events

Off-Road Equipment:

Baja Rack Baja Rack has a large selection of capable rack for most vehicles.

Trailhead Deflators TRAILHEAD™ Automatic Tire Deflators will automatically reduce the air pressure in a tire to a predetermined level and stop, preventing any further loss of air from the tire. They will function properly whether your vehicle is stationary or traveling at speeds of 20 mph or less.

Hi-Lift The Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that you should always take off-road with you even if you have a winch. With the Hi-Lift you can be lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping. The Hi-Lift Jack has a rated lifting capacity of 2 1/3 tons

Kevin' Off-Road

Specializing exclusively in *HIGH-END QUALITY* Parts and Accessories for Grand Cherokees, Cherokees, and Wranglers
milemarker.com Mile Marker Winch - Abused worldwide!


Premeir Power Welder

Sierra Antifreeze Because of it's PG formulation, SIERRA Antifreeze is less toxic than conventional EG based antifreeze and, therefore, is safer to pets, people and wildlife in cases of spills, leaks, boil-overs or careless disposal.

You can haul away all the trash you accumulate in a weekend and maybe even make the trails a little cleaner as you go, without having to turn the inside of your rig into a disposal site.
U.D.S. Inc. UDS offers Ultimate Trail Hardware manufacturing a 02 AIR SOURCE, tire plug kits, recovery kits and other trail supplies. They stocks 6000+ parts of bolts, fittings, tabs, shop supplies, air suspension, etc. with a new 3000 sqft facility for installation and fabrication in Gardena,Ca.

Winchline.com Gourock has been in business since 1736 making ropes, netting and sails for the maritime industry. This same standard for quality has been carried on with the Gourock name for 269 years, and now carried on to its new offroad supply company: Viking Offroad and Winchline.com

Safety & Survival:

Equipped to Survive EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE ™ - A Survival Primer
Wilderness Medical Associates Wilderness Medical Associates
Expeditions West Expedition Portal: Adventure, exploration and discovery in the Southwest and Mexico.
OutbackUSAFollow the Outlaw Trail : Border to Border
Badlandsoffroadadventures.com Badlands Off-Road Adventures - Guided self drive adventures of the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and the Mojave Desert

Topographical maps
FunTreks Guidebooks

Dirtopia.com Dirtopia is a free encyclopedia of off-road trails and destinations that anyone can edit. Our goal is to document every single off-road trail in the United States.