Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic

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Bead Problem

This 4 hour clinic will provide you with the knowledge and skills to repair the most common tire problems and to use a Hi-lift jack safely to aid you in the process.

Before you hit the hard trails, you need to stock up on some spare parts and skills to repair tires in the field. Tires are likely going to be the most common problem you will deal with. With the right tools and spare parts, you will no longer worry about airing down.

The types of problems you are likely to encounter fall into four general categories. To drive confidently off-road you should know how to: For the class, the following list of tools and spare parts is optional. However the tools and spare parts listed are recommended for actual off-road use and will be demonstrated in class, so if you have your own, please bring them. Bring some old clothes and learn how to fix the most common tire problems.

Since we will be using the Hi-lift with the tire repair, we will also cover other uses for it and throw in a bunch of safety warnings along the way.

Plugged Tire

Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied and do not feel you received good value for your money and time, send us an email explaining why and the full price of the class will be refunded, no questions asked. You may keep all handouts as our apology.

Many of the tire repair clinics are held the day following one or two of our other classes and will be held in the same venue.

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Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic

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