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Guides are skilled individuals who are willing to share their passion, knowledge , skills, and respect for the outdoors with other. Some outfitter / guides use horse and pack mules. We use 4-Wheel drive vehicles. You need to earn the right to lead a group. It requires dedicated planning and scouting. You must develop new skills and hone your current ones.

Have you experience a run

  • That did not leave on time – by a whole bunch?
  • Members became lost and a lot of time was spent waiting for them?
  • The Trail leader did not communicate clearly what was expected and when?
  • The entire group was held up from departure waiting for one person to finish cooking breakfast?
  • Due to a late start, the planned lunch spot could not be reached in time and a less than ideal spot was used?
  • Someone showed up without fueling up? Did he delay the group or run out of gas midway?
As the Trail Leader could you have changed the outcome? Are you responsible for the action of these other?
Yes -- you could have and you are to a great degree!

Basic Ten
The Trail Leader Clinic is both field and class room with lots of hands on. A trail leader needs to have solid individual skills (recovery, navigation, spotting, 4WD driving, first aid, field repair, camping / bush craft, etc.); Leadership skills; Communication plans and tools; planning & contingency checklists, etc. and a mythology to plan , scout, market, and lead the trip. And on top of that be “customer focused”.

Some questions the clinic will answer:

  1. What to do if someone is late?
  2. What if someone shows up without gas?
  3. Where is the best meeting place?
  4. What impact for someone pulling a trailer?
  5. What issues with a trail gunner?
  6. How to make a convey work smoothly?
  7. What is ideal group size?
  8. How do you handle someone who drives very slow off road?
  9. On multi-day trips what is refuel strategy?
  10. How to get real time update on the trail ahead?
  11. and many more questions.
Rescue Tape!
The Trail Leader Clinic is appropriate for individuals who are just starting out as well as those who need a tune up or refresher. It is ideal, if you have a group of trail leaders and want everyone to get "on the same page". Even if you do not anticipate leading a group but just have an interest, you can benefit. We recommend both the Trail Guide and the Tail Gunner attend.
Learning about Townships
The clinic is 3 days and 2 nights. You need a capable and prep'ed 4WD. Come prepared with a fully loaded vehicle as if you were leaving on an Adventure. Expect to camp out as part of the clinic and to prepare meals for yourself or the team. Bring your recovery equipment, camping equipment, navigation tools, and auto tools.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied and do not feel you received good value for your money and time, send us an email explaining why and the full price of the class will be refunded, no questions asked. You may keep all handouts as our apology.

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