Getting Started Off-Road Driving & Safety Two Day Clinic

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Getting Started Off-Road Driving Two Day Clinic
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Our Southern California location allows us to operate our training school year round. Many of our clinics (including this clinic) are conveniently located 50 miles north of Los Angeles with easy access from LAX airport. You can fly into LAX, rent a car and drive north into the scenic Los Padres National Forest area. Check in using our hotel package and we will meet you in the morning at the classroom with a 4WD vehicle for two days of instruction and fun! Of course, most students bring their own vehicle and starting learning right away in thier vehicle.

This clinic is specifically designed to meet the needs of novice off-highway drivers or someone with a bit of experience who is looking for a more complete understanding. In the class we will cover basic information about 4WD vehicles (just enough to understand what is going on). We will cover a lot of safety and environmental concerns. But the largest part of the class is driving technique to get you through a variety of terrain. A handout of the material covered is provided. Here is a list of items we will cover: Off Road Vehicles, How 4WD Works, Driving Technique, Safety, Pre Run Check, Survival & Peace of Mind Kits, Options & Accessories, Getting Unstuck / Winching, Post Trip maintenance, Trail Etiquette & Tread Lightly. This class does not address vehicle build-up options and issues.


The class will answer these questions and many more questions: Each vehicle will receive a copy of Jim Allen's Book "Four-Wheeler's Bible", a $35 value. This 200 plus page book is chock full of color pictures to illustrate how it works, what to do, and what to avoid.

Basic Basic The class is about 4 hours of classroom and 4 hours of behind the wheel practice on the first day. On the second day We will start with a quick refresher on the basics followed by a warm up on the easier stuff. As the day progresses, we will tackle more challenging obstacles, working our way up to the higher end of blue rated trails. However, this is intended to be day 2 for beginners, novices and rookies and not an extreme 4WD challenge. Hungry Valley has a practice area for 4WD that we will use. Everyone has a lot of fun. It is a great way to learn about your vehicle and build confidence. The class is limited to 10 vehicles.


Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied and do not feel you received good value for your money and time, send us an email explaining why and the full price of the class will be refunded, no questions asked. You may keep all handouts as our apology.


"Day 1 truly transformed my view of the off-road world, and the capabilities of my vehicle. I have been off-roading a few years now, but have always exercised a great deal of caution in road navigation due to my lack of formal training. I always had a feeling that given some basic training, my vehicle would be able to negotiate most of the "obstacles" I had encountered in the past, but avoided by taking a safer route. Your class exceeded my expectations by magnitudes. A day in class with you was one of those experiences that left my mind reeling with future possibilities, and in a state of awe at the various field scenarios that I found myself in. Every training exercise that you so patiently, and expertly walked us through unfolded lessons of immediate application. The immediacy translated quickly into an enhanced confidence that grew as the day progressed. My biggest delight was the discovery that my Isuzu has powers, and capabilities that I never imagined. Even my most optimistic expectations of your class did not include a lesson in climbing that monster hill that we worked at the end of the day - twice!!! I gave my Isuzu an extra good wash the following day for a job well done. Thank you for the great experience. See you on Day 2. Regards,"
Raul Saenz

Basic Basic Basic


Hi Tom, I had a wonderful time in the Basic Off-Road Driving Clinic. I never thought that my stock Jeep Wrangler could handle the hills and rocks and trails that we explored. You are a very good instructor and leader. Your calm demeanor, confidence, and excellent instruction enabled me to challenge my self imposed limits. I canít wait for the next course date to arrive.
Michael Maltzman