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4x4 Off-Road Training
Badlands Off-Road Adventures provides training clinics in which inexperienced SUV & 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) owners gain expertise required to safely and confidently negotiate their vehicle off-road.

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Our Southern California location allows us to operate our training school year round. Many of our clinics are conveniently located 50 miles north of Los Angeles with easy access from LAX airport and the Bakersfield airport (BFL). (The Clinic is about 50 miles south of Bakersfield, CA)
  • You can fly into LAX, rent a car, and drive north into the mountains of the scenic Los Padres National Forest area. Then check into one of the nearby hotels.
  • We will meet you in the morning at the classroom with a 4WD vehicle for two days of
  • instruction and fun!
  • Bakersfield airport (BFL) lets you avoid the congestion of LAX with flights from San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, and Vegas. With the drive to the classroom only 45 to 50 minutes, you could even book a hotel in Bakersfield and drive to the clinic in the morning.
  • Of course, we encourage you to bring your own 4-wheel drive vehicle if it is practical. Nothing better than starting with the vehicle you are going to drive.
We have access to thousands of square miles of desert within 80 to 90 miles of Los Angeles. A variety of off-road trips can be arranged ranging from 1 to 6 or more days, camping or hotel based, involving specialized missions, incorporating training, or an exciting expeditions.

Our Getting Started Driving Off-Road Clinic is the idea place to start if you have your first 4WD vehicle, are just getting into Overlanding or recently purchased a 4-wheel Drive vehicle to pull behind you RV.

" The Badlands Off Road Adventures Driving Clinic is a must have for anyone who wants to learn or improve their off road driving skills. The lecture component of the clinic is comprehensive, very informative, straight to the point and fun to learn. The instructor, Tom Severin, gives a well articulated, no nonsense presentation on well organized material which can definitely make the difference between having a safe and pleasant off-road adventure, or not. Tom's answers to questions are intelligent, well informed, confident, and friendly.

The driving component of the clinic was fun, fun, fun. The obstacles were challenging with ever increasing degrees of difficulty. Tom explains how to address the challenge, personalized instructions gives the student the confidence and skill to conquer the obstacle. After practicing basic off-road driving techniques, Tom lead us on a "follow the leader" tour where we got to apply all the skills that we learned and gained very valuable experience.

I traveled 295 miles and rented a hotel room for two nights to take this driving clinic, it was worth the time, the money and the distance. I highly recommend Badlands Off Road Adventures to people that are new or already have experience in the off-road driving sport; I for one, look forward to take additional classes. "

Ed Hess Software Engineer
Is damaging an expensive vehicle or the risks of off-highway driving keeping you from using your 4-wheel drive vehicle? Then review the 4x4 off-road training schedule and register for a 4x4 class to learn the right way. You will save more than the cost of the clinic by learning how to avoid vehicle damage and towing charges. You will also save money by buying the right equipment the first time! But more importantly you will learn how to drive safely to protect yourself and your passengers.

If you have a group that requires 4x4 off-road training, contact us. Flexible hours and locations for 4x4 off-road training can be arranged.

The classes listed are designed for the recreational 4WD driver. A unique, focused 4-wheel Drive clinic is available for groups who use four wheel drive at work. Specific themes can be worked into the 4x4 off-road training for corporate users (e.g. safety, team work, etc.). The off-road training location is flexible and can be arranged on your site.

Make it Fun. Make it Safe.

Day 2 2017

" Hi Tom,
I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed the two day training class last weekend. It was interesting, fun, challenging, scary, exhilarating and rewarding. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend! I was really surprised at how challenging the second day was, but as we went through the canyons and washes, I could really see how important the training exercises were that you had us go though. They all seemed rather simple when we were doing them, but time after time on the trail, it was clear that this section is just like this exercise and that section is just like that exercise. It really helped give me confidence that I would be able to make it through all of the obstacles on the trail. GREAT CLASS! I will be recommending it to all of my friends interested in 4 wheeling! I am certain that the money I spent on my "driver upgrade" was way more beneficial in improving my 4 wheeling than any hardware upgrade I could have done.
Take Care and Stay Safe, "

Dale Roche
Goler Gulch

" We had a great weekend offroading through Goler Gulch and Last Chance Canyon a few weeks ago. The trails were moderate to difficult.(some quite difficult due to the big rocks in the canyon) I felt so confident and relaxed while I was driving thanks to my 2 day offroad training with you. I knew exactly how to handle every obstacle we encountered with skill. Everything I learned in your class came in handy on the two days of offroading. I also had alot of fun since I felt so confident. I know I would not have driven these trails had I not taken the classes. I probably would have been too intimidated. Thanks for your great offroading school. "

Charlie Yoon

6 Reasons Why Your Spouse Should Learn to Drive Off Road.
  1. She can be a back-up driver: If something happens to you, your wife could drive out. Chances are, the training course will teach her how to overcome most of the challenges she’ll face on trails. Even if you’re out cold, she should be able to drive you out or at least get you to an extraction point.

  2. Building confidence: Learning to drive off-road entails mastering new skills. It involves unusual terrain, special driving techniques, and different equipment, like standard transmissions. Experiencing all these while under the watchful guidance of a trained instructor builds confidence.

  3. Better all-around driver: Off-road skills are put to use in the city during bad weather, such as a snowstorm or heavy rain. In the aftermath of an earthquake or tornado, there could be sinkholes or debris in the roadway. Drivers need to negotiate around those obstacles. That’s standard procedure in four wheeling. Someone who has taken a 4WD course is better able to handle these difficult and stressful situations.

  4. Additional spotter: The best spotters are also good drivers. Having gone through a 4WD course, your wife will be able to read the trail as well as you, providing you a valuable second set of eyes.
    One catch, guys: If your wife starts to enjoy off-road driving, you may end up the spotter. But that’s OK, right? On the other hand, your wife may still just want to sit and enjoy the ride. Encourage her to get behind the wheel on occasion to keep her skills sharp.

    Wait - one more catch: You may end up buying another 4 wheel drive vehicle just for her!

  5. An extra driver to spell you: Driving off-road, as you know, is very demanding. Fatigue can set in after just a few hours. It’s a comforting to know that a skilled driver can take over if needed.

  6. Companionship on the trails: Fishing buddies are great, but you can’t beat having your spouse along. You experience the adventure together, share great memories, and really bond while outdoors.

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Getting Started Off-Road - San Diego area: Mar 25,2017
Day 2 Getting Started Clinic- San Diego: Mar 26,2017

Class is Full. Call to get on the waiting list.
Getting Started Off-Road - LA:
Apr 01,2017
Thanks so much for your instruction last Saturday.
It really moved the needle on the confidence and capability synergy with me and my vehicle.
Best, John Cabrinha
Day 2 Getting Started Clinic- LA area: Apr 02,2017
Getting Started Off-Road - San Diego area: Apr 22,2017
Day 2 Getting Started Clinic- San Diego: Apr 23,2017
Winch & Recovery Clinic - Apr 29, 2017
New Clinic
Self Recovery Clinic
Apr 30,2017

Getting Started Off-Road - LA: May 06,2017
Day 2 Getting Started Clinic- LA area: May 07,2017
Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic: May 13,2017
I took your tire repair & Hi-lift course a few months ago, it was fantastic!
Mike Curtis

Wilderness First Aid June 03,2017
I took this class two years ago. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve since progressed through Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Urban Wilderness First Aid, EMR Training from Red Cross, and numerous other exercises. But it was my first WFA class under the auspices of Tom Severin that inspired me. Originally I received his email that said simply enough “when you’re off road, you can't call the auto club, AND you can't dial 911 either.” I signed up right away. Because I’m not a mechanical guy, so if something breaks off road, I probably won't be able to fix it. But if one of my friends gets in trouble, now at least I know how to give first aid. Jeeps can be fixed. People need more help.
If you spend any time off road…absolutely ANY…then this class is a must.
Arthur Nissman
Getting Started Off-Road - LA: June 10,2017
Day 2 Getting Started Clinic- LA area: June 11,2017
Rocks Clinic June 17, 2017

Need a Private Session? Call to arrange a date.
Most of the 2017 schedule has been posted.
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Our Latest Articles:
" Tom, I would like you to know how much I appreciate all your emails. I know that they go out to hundreds if not thousands of people. I just felt I needed to thank you for the time you spend informing me of all the aspects of 4WD. Although I don't get to go as often as I would like, and the time spent between outings can vary from a week to a year or more, I feel confident about my abilities to make each and every outing a safe and successful one, thanks to you. Taking your classes and just being associated with Badlands in general has made my life a lot more fulfilling and interesting. So keep up the good work and keep the emails coming, and " I Hope To See You On The Trails". Thanks Again "
Chris Reeves ( '72' Jeep Commando)
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Basic to Advanced Winching & Recovery DVD Winch DVD
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"Hi Tom,
Just a note to say we liked the winching DVD and the winch bandana. We're old-timers at off-roading, but rarely use a winch. It's dang good training material.
Bet that we'll watch it a couple times a year, likely in anticipation of a trip.

The "winch bandana" with calcs, notes, and safety info condensed on it is quite an idea. Much more durable than paper, and it's exactly the reference material I wanted in my recovery bag. Something like this printed on a bandana is unique enough that it's hard to resist."
Wyn Triska

Winch Bandana Winch Bandana
Colors available: Natural, Red, Blue,Green, & Orange.
We are out of Yellow
(Click picture for more details)

"I think the bandana that you sell is an fantastic idea. I’ve done two recoveries since I started using my winch this summer. Each time when I debriefed myself afterwards, there were small improvements I could have made. I plan to use your Recovery Plan List and Winch Rigging Checklist on all my future recoveries to catch every detail. These are awesome!"
Best Regards, Jason White

Need a set of Tire Deflators? Trail Head Deflators
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PSI Range

UTP Tire Repair Kit UTP Tire Repair Kit
The Tire Repair Kits comes with complete instructions on how to plug a tire.
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Tire Repair Kit

Multi Hitch Block Hitch Block
This is a great addition to your recovery kit!
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Multi Hitch Block

Wavian Fuel Can
Available in 3 sizes and several colors
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Pull Pal
Pull Pal
This picture shows two Pull Pals. One is deployed and the other folded for storage.
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Size / Case - includes Shipping

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What our customers have to say:
"I would to thank you and your staff for a very informative and enjoyable 4x4 basic training class. The pace and content of the classroom session was excellent , as was the hands on driving portion , I now feel a lot more confidant about taking my family and a $30,000 plus vehicle off highway. The pace of both sessions was just right, and at no time did I feel rushed. I look forward to taking another one of your classes, and or, trail rides in the future. "
Gordon Crosby
"My wife and I would like to thank you for such a great time! I know the whole group had a lot of fun and it was because of you it happened. I loved the challenge at each turn. Since taking your beginners class at Hungry Valley, I tried putting into effect everything I was taught. I have been doing some small runs but nothing like we did today. I needed to know my overall limitations - mental, physical and vehicular abilities. I have set most fears aside and let my Jeep do all the work along with a bit of guidance. What were the Alps in Hungry Valley are now sand dunes. Today was more than I ever expected! My wife truly enjoyed the 4 wheeling trip and we will be four wheeling together as a couple."
Victor Villa

Going to Montana
" Hey, Tom. I have made it to Montana!
Because of the condition of the roads where I want to go, I am using 4WD by necessity almost every day, and I call upon my May 12 training with you just about as often. I have yet to encounter an obstacle I couldn't pass or a hill I couldn't climb. And just knowing how to perform the actions correctly has prevented me from doing any cosmetic damage to my truck.

I am getting to know the truck mechanically as well -- in addition to the frequent inspections I do per your training, I installed an aux battery and split-charger system (with a roof-rack- mounted solar panel to help trickle-charge when sitting dormant on location). Directly inspired by your rig, I also built a wood deck in the bed and installed an Engel 45 fridge (cold beer with just-caught brook trout -- sweet).

I am still studying the excellent book and other materials you gave me, but you were right-- time behind the wheel was the main thing I needed.  I spent 10 days traveling from CA to MT and followed a strict no-motel/no-KOA rule, which put me in the dirt (and into some great, completely secluded flyfishing territory) quite a bit. By the time I got here to Montana, all the terrain I have encountered has been familiar and usually trivial to pass through. No Montanan that has led me or accompanied me has batted an eye at my skills (although they are a pretty non-judgmental lot in general here, and I have yet to hear a single word of 4x4 jargon -- if you make it up the hill, you made it up the hill).

As you can probably tell, I consider the day of training I had with you a terrific bargain. You threw quite a bit at me, but I've spent the time since following up on every bit of it that I could remember. So thanks. "

Are you a 4-Wheel Drive Trainer? Click on the image to start the process of acquiring the highest quality certification on our industry.

If you feel that a tune up of your skills and knowledge would be helpful, prior to taking the written and field exam for the Certified I4WDTA Trainer, sign up for one or more of the clinics offered by Badlands Off-Road Adventures or ask us about the next Instructor Training Clinic.

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