UFWDA and Badlands Off-Road Adventures
Partner to Help Those Who Help Our Environment!

The United Four Wheel Drive Associations developed curriculum for four wheel drive education clinics, including driver training skills in 1993. Throughout the 1990’s UFWDA partnered with Land Rover North America to professionally develop this program and curriculum. Today, the UFWDA 4WD Awareness Program has matured into a relevant and competitively designed driver training program.

Through the UFWDA 4WD Awareness program UFWDA has trained and introduced thousands of four wheelers, novice and experienced alike, on the components of their 4×4 vehicle, proper off-highway driving techniques, proper vehicle recovery, courtesies related to four wheeling, and environmental awareness by way of the Tread Lightly! philosophy.

UFWDA recently partnered with Badlands Off-Road Adventures to provide 4WD Awareness Training to a group of civilian biologists who work to restore damaged areas resulting from military exercises. Class convened Monday, June 18th, at the Fort Huachuca military base near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Students received classroom instruction covering all the basic concepts required to prevent injury to themselves, their vehicles, or the environment while conducting their work. Their instruction in vehicle components, handling characteristics, proper (safe) driving and extraction techniques were also then reviewed “hands on” in the desert and Huachuca Mountains.

While the course also teaches more advanced concepts, like rigging during winching extraction, sometimes it’s the more basic concepts (those that many wheelers tend to take for granted) that provide the most improvement in student’s capabilities. One student commented that “Airing down the tires was the most important concept I took away. I had no idea you could get yourself out of intense situations that way.” and that “I feel more confident in my off road ability. I feel like I can look at the off road trails in smaller, more doable chunks & pick a line that will be safe.”

Students rated the course as “excellent”. UFWDA “4WD Awareness” classes are offered as the need arises within four wheel drive clubs or associations or in particular geographical areas. If you are interested in hosting or attending a class please contact UFWDA at info@ufwda.org or call us at 1-800-448-3932.