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Basic to Advanced Winching DVD


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March 01, 2010


Winching DVD
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Redondo Beach, CA – Badlands Off-Road Adventures is announcing today the release of a new off-road learning DVD.

The winch is a useful off-road tool that can quickly become dangerous and potentially lethal to the operator and spectators. Proper use requires good working knowledge and, since winches are not used often, thorough training is a must to retain that knowledge.

This new DVD covers safety related issues, basic operation, simple and complex riggings, stuck assessment, winch capability and minimizing environmental impact. The DVD provides broad working knowledge including the skill to assess each situation and the means to retain a working knowledge of winch use.

If you have a winch on your vehicle or are considering installing one you need training to learn how to safely get the best from it. The DVD presents simulations of basic and complex stuck situations.

" I had an opportunity to review your sequence of brief training videos viz. using a winch and wanted to say you have an easy manner as a teacher that is very engaging and is absent the arrogance that is all too common among others! Even old-times like me can and do learn by watching a refresher … especially as this is not my business and there is little opportunity for repetition as a learning tool " – Floyd L. Jennings of Houston, TX

The DVD is jam packed with 81 minutes of information. There are 15 chapters and 2 bonus chapters that cover the basic types of winches, winch components, winch kits, and winch operation. Safety is stressed at every point and is an underlying theme throughout the DVD.

Rigging for some straight forward recovery operations using single line and double line pulls are detailed. The importance of pulleys is covered and fully explained - so you will know when you have the advantage of the increased strength of a pulley and when you are only using it for an angle change. Complex riggings are demonstrated such as - a reverse pull, or a two way pull using only one winch mounted on the front of the vehicle. A complex compound pull is demonstrated. Use of the Pull pal as an anchor point is featured. Stuck and load assessments are reviewed. The bonus section contains diagrams of typical winch riggings.

Look for the DVD at local retailers or order it at www.4x4training.com"

About Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc
Badlands Off-Road Adventures conducts training classes and tours for off-highway enthusiast of all skill levels. Their website is www.4x4training.com. Tom Severin has 40 years of off-highway driving, including patrolling as a former Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer and former Sheriff’s Deputy. Severin is a member of the California Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs, and an International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association certified trainer. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Master Tread Lightly! Trainer.

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