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Peach Cobbler Trail
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You need a street legal, insured 4WD with a low range transfer case. You must have at least one tow hook (or tow point) on the front and one on the rear. You need a Family Mobile Radio (FRS) and no side steps. Recommended items include a recovery strap (no metal hooks on the ends), a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a Hi-lift jack. Full size vehicles (wheel base over about 116 inches) may have difficulty on this trail. All vehicles can expect some "pin striping" from the trail side bushes. Rubicon

Medical Self-Assessment

There is inherent risk associated with all the activities involved with off-road driving including the risk of illness in remote areas without medical facilities. We do not conduct a medical screening, examination, or review of the health and fitness of club members to participate in the club runs. It is incumbent on each person to assess their medical capability to participate. By enrolling in the event, you are certifying you are medically fully capable of participating in the activity.

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