2010 Easter Safari in Moab, UT

Moab Easter Safari

I had another great time at the Easter Safari in Moab, UT. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers put on another excellent event. This was the 44th year they have been doing it!

I saw a number of new products at the vendor show and grabbed some quick pictures to share with you. There are one or two products that have been released for a while but they were new to me - I somehow missed the original release.

PTO Bail Pin

Bail Pin to hold D ring
But first, I saw this clever solution to keep from losing your D ring. I only snapped one shot so hopefully the concept stands out. I have not tried it on the vehicle as I prefer to carry my D rings inside the vehicle. I did test several different D rings. Rings that have a fairly large hole in the 3/4" pin were easier to make work with the bail pin. I found several D ring that required a lot of fiddling until I could close the bail. And I have one D ring, I just could not close the gap. Perhaps if I bent the 1/4 inch pin on the PTO Bail pin it would work. The only bail pins that worked are ones with a round bail as in the picture. The square bails did not have enough clearance. If you have experience with this technique, I would like to hear if it works well or if there are some down sides. These bail pins sure are useful. Someday I should put together a compilation of all the ways I have seen then used off-road!

Moses Ludel's 4WD Mechanix Magazine

4WD Mechanic Magazine
I meet Moses Ludel in Moab and discovered he is publishing a new magazine. For the Jeep enthusiasts who want to understand their vehicle in greater depth, do their own modifications and field repair, this online magazine is just what you need. It is easy to read and understand Moses's articles. It is just like having a coach looking over your shoulders as you work through mechanical issues. February was the first issue and it is totally free.

As his web site says "No subscriptions, no memberships and no renewals. Each monthly issue delivers professional feature articles and pages full of technical 'Q & A.' Want facts, instructive tips and integrity? Read the only magazine written, illustrated and published by the author of the bestselling Jeep® Owner's Bible™ and two Jeep© CJ Rebuilder's Manuals™ from Bentley Publishers!"

Get it on line today at:

Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Fire Extinguisher Mounting bracket
Off Road Trail Tools has a new quick release for your fire extinguisher. The hose clamps are permanently mounted to the fire extinguisher and the base is fixed to your vehicle. Pick a location that is visible and easy to reach. Just pull the pin and you have your fire extinguisher in your hands. There are two size - see the one in the background. You can go even bigger if you provide larger hose clamps! http://www.offroadtrailtools.com
Off Road Trail Tools
7099 W Hutchs Pools Place, Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: 520-579-2079
Fax: 520-579-2080

Security Box

Jeep TJ Security Box
Off Road Trail Tools had a prototype of a new security box for the Jeep TJ & LJ. OFTT is looking for your input. They will put the box into production if there is enough interest. The box bolts under the driver's seat using OEM mounts. It will not work on driver's side flip and fold seats, however. The manufacture's suggested retail price will be $99. http://www.offroadtrailtools.com
Off Road Trail Tools
7099 W Hutchs Pools Place, Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: 520-579-2079
Fax: 520-579-2080

Spare Oil Storage Box

Oil Storage Box
As you will see, I got sucked into the Off Road Trail Tools booth for quite a while looking at all the neat ideas. This under the hood box for spare oil (or anything else you want to put in it) just jumped out at me. ORTT has had it on the market for a while. There is a cover that goes on it to keep out a lot of the dirt and water. And if you roll your rig the contents will not fall out. The cover doubles as a nut and bolt tray when making field repairs. They call this there Oil/Tool box part #5000. It is made of aluminum and comes in several finishes. The box is a drop in on TJs and LJs with an automatic transmission.
Off Road Trail Tools
7099 W Hutchs Pools Place, Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: 520-579-2079
Fax: 520-579-2080

Automotive Escape Tool

Vehicle Excape Tool
This little devise fits on your key chain. It will cut the seat belt and a spring loaded punch breaks a side window in the event you are trapped in your vehicle. It also has a whistle and a flash light. Even better, it will let you help someone else who is trapped in their vehicle. I don't know about you, but the last time, I rolled a vehicle, I was upside down, lying on the steering wheel with no way to reach the keys in the ignition. My benefactor mule-kicked the window in my face. This would have been so much better!

Off-Road Heat

Off Road heat
Boy, I really needed one of these for my 1970 CJ5! There was just no way to keep warm in that Jeep in North Dakota. I kept an ice scraper in one hand to clean the insides of the window. On long trips we wrapped up in blankets and sleeping bags on top of our winter coats and boots. There is still a need and one of these models can push out 38,000 BTU at 320 CFM. You just need to do a little plumbing to tie it into the vehicle's coolant system.


Gasoline Fuel Pack

Off Road heat
Perhaps you have seen in the ATV catalogs a flat plastic gasoline container designed to just fit into the rear cargo basket. These typically hold 3 gallons. I liked the low profile but wanted more gallons. It appears that RotoPax took the original design increased it to 4 gallons and cut it in half. Each half now holds 2 gallons. Buy two and you come closer to a 5 gallon can but in an easier to handle package. They have 2 gallon sizes for gasoline, water, diesel, Kerosene, oil, storage, first aid, and emergency preparedness. Yep, you can get an empty box to store stuff in. The jugs are leak proof so you can lay them down or on the side. They have several mounting schemes and they can interlock with each other. You really need to get on their web site to appreciate the product. I don't know anyone with real world experience yet. The two key issues for me are: Will they stand up to the claim of being leak proof? And, can you easily get the fuel out of the can? Some of the new CARB compliant devises are a real bear to operate.



Sow in Moab
That is all you get. The only bad weather day was the day I was not on the trail. I didn't spend too much time outside with the other half of the venders.


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Winching & Recovery DVD


We have a high quality Winching DVD available for $19.95.

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Mojave Road Adventure April 17-19

Mojave Desert

Time is short but we can get you in on this trip if you register soon. On April 17th we take off from the Colorado River to follow the Old Mojave Road for 3 days. This was the earliest wagon road into California. Again we might see wild flowers but for sure we will visit tons of history and see some incredible views.

You can register directly at http://4x4training.com/calendar/calendar.php#Mojave


Peach Cobbler Trail May 22- 23

Peach Cobbler

On this historical tour weekend we will use iron steeds to explore the old west around the turn of the century and enjoy a Dutch oven meal just like the pioneers. Anytime is a great time to get away to the desert with beautiful days, clear blue skies and the smell of the creosote bushes. For more details.

You can register directly at http://www.4x4training.com/calendar/calendar.php#Peach


Rubicon Trail Adventure August 16- 19, 2010

The Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trails is the stuff of legends. It is considered the Grand Daddy of trails. If your vehicle has a weakness, it will find it. Any serious four-wheeler needs to "Do the Con" at least once. There is no guarantee of avoiding vehicle damage. Even the most skilled driver can succumb to the fatigue of 12 unrelenting miles of rocks. Just bring a good attitude and the best prepared vehicle you can. This could be a once in a lifetime trip but a lifelong of bragging rights. More Details

You can register directly at http://4x4training.com/calendar/calendar.php#Rubicon

I hope to see you on the trails!

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