Pocket Survival Kit

The devastating earthquakes and tsunamis that hit Japan have many people thinking about survival techniques. Especially here in California, where we’re constantly wondering when the Big One will hit. I’ve discussed various aspects of survival in other columns, including Your Gear Is Not Complete Without An Emergency Packet! and Get Layered… Continue reading

Poison Oak

If you plan to attend the Wine Country Safari event, you should learn to recognize Poison Oak. While exposure to Poison Oak is not life-threatening, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. Symptoms are often present for up to three weeks. Most of the time an over-the-counter remedy is all that… Continue reading

Prickly Things In The Desert Can Put A Hole In Your Plans.

The desert is an amazing place. Despite the harsh conditions, numerous plants and animals thrive there. Many plants, including cacti, bloom in the spring and summer, bringing tremendous color to the otherwise drab surroundings. Looks can be deceiving, however. Certain plants may be appealing to the eyes, but can ruin… Continue reading