Getting Started Off-road Driving - Day 2 - San Diego Area

Class Location: Borrego Springs, California

Next Step from Basic

This clinic is designed to meet the needs of the novice who has completed the Getting Started Off-Road 4 Wheel Driving Clinic and is looking for more behind-the-wheel 4 Wheel Drive experience. The class is an extension of the last 4 hours of the 4-Wheel Drive Getting Started class to provide more driving experience. The first day of Getting Started Off-Road Driving is a prerequisite for this class.

We will start with a quick refresher on safety followed by a practice session on tire placement and picking lines on the easy terrain. As the day progresses, we will tackle more challenging 4×4 obstacles, working our way up to more difficult obstacles. However, this is intended to be an advanced 4WD clinic for beginners, novices and rookies and not an extreme 4WD challenge. The terrain varies with the clinic Location. We will take advantage of the terran available in each location.

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