Utah Adventure – 05/07/24 – 05/11/24


Event Location: Utah

May is the perfect time to take a 4-wheel drive trip through Utah. It will be much warmer then the prior trips in March and April. There are several areas that we want to tack onto the trip.

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Event Location: Kanab, Utah

May is the perfect time to take a 4-wheel drive trip through Utah, with its warm weather and stunning natural beauty. One of the highlights of your trip will be visiting the pink coral sand dunes, which are located in the southwestern part of the state. These dunes, which get their distinctive color from the presence of a type of algae, are a popular spot for off-roading. We stay in designated areas to protect the delicate ecosystem of the dunes.

After visiting the sand dunes, We will camp along the Barracks Trail. The BLM warns that it rarely visits the area so travelers should be completely self-sufficient.

White Pockets, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ

The next day we will check out White Pockets, which are another popular destination that requires 4-wheel drive due to the heavy sand. The White Pockets, which are formed by the weathering of the sandstone, are a great place to explore and photograph.


Then we will head to the San Rafael Swell, which is located in central Utah. The Swell is a vast area of rugged terrain that is perfect for 4-wheel drive adventures. There are a number of trails and backroads that can be explored in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state. We plan to spend several days in the Swell and will set up a base camp.

Eagle Canyon Emery Co. UT

Overall, a 4-wheel drive trip through Utah in May is an exciting and rewarding way to experience the state’s diverse landscape and natural beauty.

Here is a possible agenda for a 5-day 4WD and camping trip to Utah in May that includes the pink coral sand dunes, the San Rafael Swell, and the white pockets:

Day 1:

  • Rendezvous in Kanab and head to the pink coral sand dunes
  • Spend the day exploring the sand dunes and off-roading.
  • We plan to camp along the Barracks Trail

Day 2:

  • Drive to the white pockets and set up camp at a campsite in the area
  • Spend the day exploring and photographing the white pockets
  • We will find a camp site along the trail into the White Pockets

Day 3:

  • Drive to the San Rafael Swell and set up a base camp in the area
  • Spend several days exploring the Swell, including the little Grand Canyon.
  • Set up a base camp south of I70.

Day 4:

  • Continue to explore the Swell
  • Spend more nights at the campsite

Day 5:

  • Depart from Utah

Don’t forget to plan for meals and rest stops along the way, and make sure to bring all necessary camping gear and supplies. It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Enjoy your trip!

Medical Self-Assessment: There is inherent risk associated with all the activities involved with off-road driving including the risk of illness in remote areas without medical facilities. Badlands Off-Road Adventures does not conduct a medical screening, examination, or review of the health and fitness of clients & customers to participate in our training programs and adventure trips. It is incumbent on each person to assess their medical capability to participate. By enrolling in our events, you are certifying you are medically fully capable of participating in the activity.

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