Wine Safari Adventure

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Wine Safari Adventure
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Mountain View We will be in the mountians.
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This is a weekend trip for adults (21 and up) only. Plan on camping Saturday night with a roaring fire while you grill a steak* (or what ever you prefer) and we perform our own campfire taste test of some excellent wines.

While not part of the Wine Safari there will be an optional trail ride on Saturday if you are looking for something to do during the day.

The trail run will start early Saturday morning so you can be back in time for the wine. The trails will be challenging - ranging from 3.0-3.5 difficulty. Bring a picnic lunch and a folding chair for a relaxing lunch. On Sunday morning you can do a short Black Diamond trail (optional) before you break camp and head home.

Wine table Sampling Whites and Reds
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This year we will explore Rhone style red wine blends from Australia, France, Spain and California. What does this mean to the taster? Big jammy cuvee blends! You will experience tastes of blueberries, black plum and alluring floral aromas that are followed by black and blue fruit flavors.

Our wine choices are delicious blends of Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre and recognized as some of the best on the market in the moderate price range.
Camp Site Ready for Wine Testing
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Hors d'oeuvre
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We will also explore a white wine comparison of fine Chardonnays from France, Argentina and California. Same grape, different regions, different climates, different tastes.

Our wine master will lead us through the process of tasting each wine, providing background on the winery itself and words that may describe what you taste.

We expose you to a highly rated wine, you determine if you like it, we help you analyze why.
Corks Popped
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If you decide to do the trails, Saturday trails will be 3.0 to 3.5 (on a 5 scale). Sunday's trail will be a bit more difficult - likely a 4.0.

A 3.5 rating is defined as - Roads in difficult terrain; expect to drag front, rear, or middle occasionally. Excellent stock truck or utility vehicle required, with considerable driving skill needed.
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To do the trails, You need a street legal, insured 4WD with a low range transfer case. You must have at least one tow hook (or tow point) on the front and one on the rear. You need a CB radio (hand held will work) and no side steps. Recommended items include a tow strap (no metal hooks on the ends), a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a HI-lift jack.
All vehicles can expect some "pin striping" from the trail side bushes. Due to the difficulty level of the trails, there is always a risk of vehicle damage.
More Trail
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Camping in the Pines
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More Trip Info

The price includes wine tasting, and camping Saturday night plus camping Friday (optional) for one or 2 people per vehicle,. There is a separate charge for each extra passenger (beyond the driver and the 1st passenger). Contact us for details if you expect to bring additional passengers.
If you prefer not to camp, an option is to make a hotel reservation for Friday and Saturday night in one of the area hotels. Then if you arrive late Friday night there is no bother of setting up camp in the dark. In the morning it will be a leisurely drive to our camp site. You should make hotel reservations soon in that case. We will send you a link to the hotels with your confirmation notice.
There is no alcohol allowed on the trail not even with lunch. Bring a cooler full of water and soda. We will have ample time in the evening to perform our own campfire taste test of some fine wines.

Yea, We know they don't have a lot of vineyards in the desert! But they have great 4-wheeling trails. And since we can't visit the vineyards anyway (and still drive) it makes sense (kind of) to bring the wine to where we can wheel.

* meals are not included in the fee.

Cancellaton and Alcohol Policy