Mojave Road
Colorado River to Afton Canyon
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Mojave Road7

This is a 3-day trip. We will start at the Colorado River near Needles, CA. The Mojave Road was a main wagon trail for only a relatively short time, two decades after the civil war, until the railroads came. While it was used, the Mojave Road was plagued by hostile Indians, lack of water, long stretches of sand and rough hill climbs. Like most trails the Mojave Road was first an Indian path, used as a trade route. The Mojave Indians, who lived along the Colorado River, would travel to the coast, following the path that guaranteed water. The first European to use the Mojave trail was probably Father Francisco Graces in 1776.

Mojave Road1 Mojave Road6 Traveling the Mojave Road isn't a picnic. It's a 2- or 3-day excursion, best made in convoy with other 4-wheelers. The trip begins on the bank of the Colorado River. The terrain is mostly desert; some hills over the various mountain ranges; a dry lake; water crossings; canyons; and areas of soft sand. We will follow the trail from spring to spring to spring. There is much history to observe along the way. We will see springs, remains of forts, lava flows and Indian petroglyphs.

Mojave Road5 The Mojave Road would have faded from sight except for the curiosity and perseverance of Dennis Casebier, of Goffs. He points out that the road, while not a particularly tough 4-wheel drive trail, is a dangerous place. "You can die out there," he said. "And the people who want to go see the trail need to be equipped properly. There are no signs leading you onto the Mojave Road; just rock Cairns.

Mojave Road2 Because of the length of the trail and the isolation, we recommend you bring to bring an extra 5 gallons gas. The road is 120 miles long. In addition bring a few gallons of water. There is nowhere to get fresh water. Bring your own food and a means to cook it. You will need appropriate clothing/shelter/sleeping arrangement. This is the desert in the winter. It gets below freezing at night. Also bring your own Bathroom. There are none. Bring firewood so we can have a campfire.

Mojave Road3 We rate this trail at a 2. Trail rating 2 requires good vehicle clearance and use of 4WD with no special driving skill required.

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