New Products Off-Road Expo Pomona 2008

I attended the Pomona Off-Road Expo at the Fairplex this past weekend. I enjoyed talking to all the vendors and looking at some of the new products. I hope you were able to attend also. There were a few products that caught my eye that I wanted to share with you.

What is It?

Daystar has a new product that will be officially released at SEMA in November. These little plastic clips will keep your clevis from rattling if you drive around with your clevis attached to the bumper. I doubt You will find it on the web site yet. Look for it in your favorite off-road store later this year.


Mount for Hi-lift Jack Base

I generally do not carry my hi-lift jack base except when I plan to do a demo. It is difficult to pack and store. And yet the Hi-lift Jack base is really the best solution for a strong solid base. This is a prototype that will soon be on the market. This may well solve that problem. It can be bolted to any flat surface.

Phone: 520-579-2079


Nozzle Key

In order to fill your 5 gallon jerry can all the way up (at least in California) you have to hold back the front of the nozzle for the last 1 and half or 2 gallons. This tool frees your other hand and allows you more control over the process. Just slip one of these over the nozzle to hold it back.

Phone: 520-579-2079


Jeep JK Trail Table

This is a very useful table now that Jeeps no longer have drop down tail gates. This one is designed for the New JK Wrangler but Mel says it will work on the early TJ’s with the flat inside tail gate.

It can be mounted 3 ways. Mel said it will support 180 pounds or more.

Phone: 714-870-5515

The next show I will attend is the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in early November. Let me know what stuff you are interested in having me look for. I can’t promise anything but it might happen if I know in advance!
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