Products of SEMA 2008

I attended the 2008 SEMA Show in Vegas again this year. SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Manufacture Association and deals with all and any aftermarket Automotive products. The show is huge. There are 11 sections that take up every bit of the Vegas convention center. This is a business to business show and no products are sold over the counter contrary to Pomona Off-Road Expo which is a consumer show. The vendors want to show off their new products and discuss plans, promotions, etc. with buyers.

I spent the entire day just in the Off-Road section. I grabbed a few snap shots of products that caught my eye.

 New Hi-lift tie downsNew Hi-lift tie downsNew Hi-lift tie downs

Hi-lift has a new product to secure your Hi-lift to a rack or bar. It was designed to clamp around a square bar or a round pipe of various sizes. It will clamp onto round bars from 1″ to 3″ in diameter. This is accomplished by two product sets. The small one covers 1″-2″ and the large set covers 2″ – 3″.

New Hi-lift protectorNew Hi-lift protector

Hi-lift will have a new neoprene jack cover on the market in Jan 2009. This little sleeve covers just the working part of the jack head to keep dust and grim out. A few weeks ago, a trail ride I participated in discarded 5 hi-lift jacks before they found one that worked. Many of the others had too much dirt and dust in the head. This sleeve appears to be a must have for anyone who carries their Hi-lift attached to the outside of the vehicle. The cover is a tight fit to keep out dirt. It can be machine washed and dries quickly.

 Cable Lock

Security can be an issue with all the items that you tie, hang and bolt to the outside of the vehicle. Trimax offers a number of multi-use cable locks to ensure your stuff stays in place. You can get them in various tightness and length. Some you provide your own lock, for others it is integrated. Pictured is the 72″ Gladiator Ironclad Cable.

I recommend before you leave town, you remove all your pad-a-locks and security devises. If you can’t remove them at least make sure the mechanism works and you have the key. (Sometimes the pad-a-lock is the latch!). This goes for any lug nut key you have. Take along anything you removed. You may need to lock everything down again at a hotel or for a visit in town for resupply. You will save a lot of grief in a remote location when the lock doesn’t work or you forgot the key.

Hitch SafeHitch Safe





I thought this was a clever idea. It turns your trailer receiver into a small safe. There is just enough room for a key, credit card, and maybe a few bills. Just the thing if you need to leave your vehicle for a while in town. I recommend you remove the draw when you go off road. It is not water tight and if you smash the locks you may have a time getting it open. Naturally it is called the Hitch Safe!

 Clamptite ToolClamptite ToolClamptite Tool

The Clamptite tool provides a means for tightening wires wrapped around an object and then locking them in place The tool can be used with various sized wire – even a coat hanger.

These are a few of the many exciting items at the show. I have not used or tested any of them. I look forward to doing so to see if they are as useful as suspected.
I hope to see you on the trails!
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