The Best Gifts For An Off- Roader

Still looking for a last minute gift? Here are some suggestions any 4-wheeler would love to receive. Prices do not reflect shipping. However, many companies are offering free shipping this holiday season.


Backcountry Adventures $16.99

Each book in the Trails and Adventures series is the most comprehensive guide available for its region. These volumes include meticulously detailed backcountry trail directions with integrated GPS coordinates and maps of each trail and region. Trail descriptions are vivid and color photos clearly depict each trail. Fascinating historical information with photos of ghost towns, mining camps, current towns and cities, as well as regional history, recount the days of the Wild West. These guides are essential tools for planning backcountry day trips and weekend getaways.


Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool $156.99

The Hi-Lift Handle-All is a multi-functional tool consisting of a telescoping handle, 4 full-size implements (a shovel, sledge hammer, axe, and pick-axe), and a storage bag. This tool is compact and rugged, but still maintains full-size utility.


Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Kit $64.99

Use the Off-Road Kit to turn your Hi-Lift Jack into an even more versatile tool. This kit keeps all of the needed parts for winching at arms reach. Turn your Hi-lift Jack into a poor mans winch!


Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Base $38.99

The Off-Road Base from Hi-Lift makes the original power tool even more versatile! Convenient to use, easy to store. Rugged construction meets Hi-Lift Jack specifications for strength & durability. Use Hi-Lift Off-Road Base to alleviate jack sinkage on soft ground.


Handle-Keeper $11.99

Jack Handle isolator
No more annoying rattling handles
Secures the jack and handle in place
No more tape or bailing wire


Hi-lift Jack 48 $70.99

These jacks are a must for lifted vehicle owners. These jacks can be used for a number of uses besides changing just a tire.


Life Hammer $15.99

Life Hammer is the original tool of its kind. Mimicking the concept behind European Escape hammers for trains and buses, this tool answers the need for an escape tool tailored specifically for vehicle entrapment.


Daystar Winch Isolator $26.99

The Daystar Winch Isolator stops the rattles while giving you a practical place to secure your winch hook. Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply disconnect your winch hook, run your cable through the isolator and reinstall your hook. You’re done!


Viking Synthetic Winchlines $277.55

Both steel and synthetic winchlines give a very small amount of stretch, the equivalent of less than 1% at breaking pressure. This tiny amount of stretch stores kinetic energy that is released when the line breaks. Since steel winchline is much heavier than synthetic winchline, the force of that stored energy is devastatingly powerful, particularly dangerous with people nearby. The synthetic line is so light and therefore stores less kinetic energy, which when released, the winchline virtually falls to the ground with a fraction of the force of steel.


ARB 9000 Ultra Light Snatch Block $99.95

20,000 Lb. Work Load Limit, 38,500 Lb. Breaking strength. You want the highest rated pulley block you can carry.


Viking Kinetic Recovery Ropes $95.79

Viking Braided Kinetic Recovery Ropes also called Kinetic Yanker Lines or Tow Lines are made from 100% Premium DuPontâ„¢ Nylon Double Braid. They offer over 30% stretch at break with a normal stretch of 10% to 20% when recovering or yanking a vehicle. With this kinetic energy built up in the rope the vehicle will get unstuck real quick. When choosing a Kinetic Recovery Rope size, you want the breaking strength to be five to seven times the weight of your vehicle especially when used for yanking. If you undersize your rope you risk breaking it, and if you oversize your rope you will not get the full benefit of the kinetic energy.


Pull-Pal Winch Anchor $289.95

The Pull-Pal, a well-engineered anchoring tool, is both portable and well-suited for a wide range of environments. Intended as a tool for winching through sand and mud, Pull-Pal’s design relies on useful rules of physics. Its hefty plow blade sets firmly and safely into sand, clay, mud, hardpan soil and snow.


Satellite Personal Outdoor Tracker (SPOT) $149.99

Satellite Personal Outdoor Tracker (SPOT) $149.99 If your outdoor adventures take you to remote areas, the Satellite Personal Outdoor Tracker (SPOT) could be a lifesaver. It’s the world’s first satellite messenger capable of sending alerts to family, friends or a 911 center.


Adventure Medical First Aid Kits $39.99

You should never go afield without a good first aid kit. These kits offer just about everything you’d need to cover any situation thrown your way. These kits were designed by a Wilderness First Responder Instructor.


Motorola Two-Way FRS / GMRS Radios $89.99

Talk with other radio users up to 28 miles away, in good conditions, with no roaming charges or overuse fees. Same Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) filters out weather alerts from distant locations and only advises you of weather and emergency information for the specific area you are in. Radio has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes for up to 2,662 communication options. It also has 11 NOAA weather radio channels, iVOX hands-free communication, a Quiet Talkâ„¢ interruption feature, digital signal processing, vibrating call alert and replacement faceplates. Comes with two radios, one dual drop-in charger, one charging adapter and two battery packs. Can also be powered by three AA batteries.


Off-Road Tire Plug Kit $39.99

Off Road Tire Plug Kit” is the only one that has everything! Don’t get caught on the trail without one. Easy 3-Step Process That Plugs Tires To Get You Back Home!
(310) 715-1356


Receiver D-Ring Bracket $44.99

Receiver D-Ring Bracket $44.99 The “Ultimate Shackle Block” patented design allows you to pull the shackle in any direction without binding the shackle & DOUBLES AS A CONVENTIONAL TRAILER HITCH. The block is precision made in USA with certified steel.
(310) 715-1356

¾ Screw Pin D-Ring $13.99

3/4 D-ring Shackle 4 3/4 ton working load 5 to 1 safety rating yellow zinc. You never have enough D-Rings when rigging a recovery. Everyone needs a minimum of 6.
(310) 715-1356


Recovery Strap $45.00

The Ultimate “Recovery STRAP” is 30 feet long, made out of 2″ wide material and has an abrasive covering over the loops. Made in USA
(310) 715-1356


Trail head Automatic Deflators $59.95

TRAILHEAD Automatic Tire Deflators will automatically reduce the air pressure in a tire to a predetermined level and stop, preventing any further loss of air from the tire. They will function properly whether your vehicle is stationary or traveling at speeds of 20 mph or less.

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Badlands Off-Road Adventure Gift Certificate $200

Purchase a gift certificate to be used for an event, clinic, and adventures. You can also register for the specific event, clinic, or adventure you wish to give as a gift. If you are not sure what date will work, make your best pick. We will happily adjust it, if necessary.

I hope to see you on the trails!
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