Ignition Keyed Padlock & Hi Lift Jackmate Debut at 2009 SEMA

SEMA was understandable smaller this year and I had a lot less time to spend at the show. (The company’s annual meeting required leaving Tuesday evening for North Dakota). Never the less, it was a good show and the off-road nation is still innovating. I enjoyed renewing old acquaintances and meeting new ones! Even with the short look around, a few products caught my eye. I am sure you will see these products and many more as the big 4×4 magazines crank up their stories about the show and all the goodies in the next few months.

Even with SEMA a bit smaller this year, there was an over whelming display of products and vehicles. I could have spent much more time, but that was all I had time for of the many products at SEMA this year.

One of the coolest things I saw was a padlock that can be keyed to the ignition key. You don’t have to carry extra keys with you. All the locks can be set to work on your ignition key. It fits Ford, GM and Chrysler (Jeep). When you first buy the lock , insert your ignition key into it and turn it half way. The lock will memorize the key pattern. From then on your ignition key can be used to unlock the padlock. This is a once and done process, so it cannot be rekey for another ignition later. BTW, I asked, and for now Toyota owners are out of luck. They do not have a system yet for Toyota keys. I have one on order, to test it!!!

This one appealed to me as a simple, clean solution when you only need a few strategically placed tie downs. The base is 1-3/4″ round with two counter sunk holes. It is made of anodized aluminum. The holes are 1″ on center and fit a #10 screw. You can just see the backing plate that is provided in the plastic bag. The plunger has a safe working load of 1,000 lbs and a break strength of 4000 lbs. when mounted vertical.
Network Enterprises
PO Box 930063
Wixom, MI 48393
800-690-0425 http://www.cargonets.com/

Rescue 42 was the 2009 SEMA winner for best new off-road product of the year This tool may look familiar. It was previously manufactured by Massdam. They have been impossible to get hold of until now. I heard Massdam quit manufacturing the tool but cannot find any info. While this will look familiar to many of you, Rescue 42 has re-acquired the patent on their unique accessory for the Hi “lift jack and made a few changes. If you look carefully at the picture you will see a new notch not in the prior versions of the product. The notch can be used to stretch chain link fence and serve double duty as a beer cap opener at the end of the day! It is available in 4 colors (red, black, green, silver) The Jack Mate® – Lift Jack Accessory is designed as a manual extrication & rescue tool. “The Jack Mate® replaces a standard lift jack’s limited capacity top clamp with a multipurpose attachment and is rated to the full capacity of the jack as a clamp, winch, spreader or a base. The Jack Mate® slides over either end of the jack bar and is attached with a quick-release pin. As a top clamp, the Jack Mate® dramatically increases the jack’s winching, clamping and crushing capabilities. As a replacement for the jack base, the Jack Mate® is engineered to “bite” into boards or logs to help prevent the jack from sinking in mud, sand, ice and snow. Updated features for 2009 include a super-grip, diamond plate top, wire fence pulling slots (and bottle opener), an easier pin for attaching the Jack Mate® to the jack, and quick release replacement pin for the jack’s base.


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