America’s Hidden Treasures

About a year ago I went on an adventure that was a lot of fun and a little out of the ordinary. I was asked to star in the pilot episode of a television show!

The show is called America’s Hidden Treasures and is about camping in remote locations across the country – places that require serious planning and preparation. That’s were I come in. I was asked to be the show’s expert, guiding the host and Guest Adventures to places that are a challenging journey and breathtakingly beautiful. The Guest Adventures are people new to the sport of off-roading who want to “take it to the next level” and find out just how far off the beaten path 4×4 adventures can take them. For this show, the Guest Adventurers were past students of mine. We really had a ball!

Well, the show has been edited and its creators are shopping it around, hoping to find a network to air it. In the meantime, they have established a great website with video clips of the show as well as great information about attending a potentially dangerous trip. There are informative articles by your’s truly in the “Expert’s Corner”.

In the site’s bulletin board/forums you can post your personal funny camping stories or your favorite places to “get away from it all”. If you are part of a club you can use the forum and the calendar to boost member ship by posting information about your club and planned events.

Take a minute to check out the site and even sign up as a member. It’s absolutely free and they would welcome any story contribution you can make.

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