Camp Box Tips

Helpful Tips for Your Camp Box

Tip 1: Hygiene is important. Have water and soap (or a bottle of hand sanitizer) readily available. Make sure everyone washes before eating. The soap in a pump bottle works well.

Tip 2: If just starting out, think through each meal you will prepare. List all the equipment required to prepare and serve the meal, as well as clean up afterward. Acquire all the items on your list.

Tip 3: Nest your items whenever possible to make us of extra space. Large pots and pans easily store smaller items, for example.

Tip 4: Make equipment do double duty to save space. For example, use a plate as a lid for a frying pan. Buy a cup that can be used as a measuring cup too. Use your winch gloves as pot holders.

Tip 5: Avoid packing disposable silver ware. That’s just more garbage to deal with later. Get used to using metal, unless you plan to wash the plastic pieces.

Tip 6: Heavy duty plastic is great for plates, cups, and glasses. It’s durable and lightweight. China and glass break too easily, so leave those items at home.

Tip 7: Space is a premium. Try to purchase small packages of food and condiments (pickles, olives, salad dressing, mustard, and such). You save valuable cooler space, and the unopened containers stay in the food box.

You can buy in bulk, but then create small cartons or containers of the products.

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