MEDIA RELEASE Easter Safari First-Timers Service – Moab, UT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Easter Safari First-Timers Service Moab, UT REDONDO BEACH, CA “ Prepare to experience the thrill and beauty of the best 4-wheeling at the Moab Easter Safari under the guidance of off-road professional Tom Severin. Tom Severin, President of Badlands Off-Road Adventures, announced that Badlands Off-Road Adventures will… Continue reading

Poison Oak

If you plan to attend the Wine Country Safari event, you should learn to recognize Poison Oak. While exposure to Poison Oak is not life-threatening, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. Symptoms are often present for up to three weeks. Most of the time an over-the-counter remedy is all that… Continue reading

Camp Box Tips

Helpful Tips for Your Camp Box Tip 1: Hygiene is important. Have water and soap (or a bottle of hand sanitizer) readily available. Make sure everyone washes before eating. The soap in a pump bottle works well. Tip 2: If just starting out, think through each meal you will prepare…. Continue reading